Pleased to Meet You

In our mother’s or grandmother’s day, if they couldn’t find what they were looking for, they simply made it.

Such was the case when I was pregnant with my first son, Oliver. There was a void in children’s clothing, most apparent in the choices for boys. Options were limited to sports and trucks, with very little imagination in between. Where was the creativity to match the puddle-stomping, bug-studying, water-loving child that I knew?

I firmly believe that there is no better time to be alive than when you are a child. It is a unique time for creativity, development, and exploration. Children need clothing to play and grow in, all the while learning about themselves and the world around them. There should be room for dress up, mix-matching, and imagination.

Enter Ollie + Squish.

I started my business like many other small businesses start. I began by making creative and fun clothing just for Oliver, the kind that made him excited to get dressed in the morning. Soon after, close friends caught on and I began making clothing for their littles, too. When I was pregnant with my second son, Sydney, the idea of creating a line came into fruition. Before I knew it, I became the one-woman show over here behind Ollie + Squish. I am a self-taught sewer, photographer, graphic and website designer – and I love every minute of it 

However, it is not all about play. Knowing the detrimental effects of fast fashion, it became paramount to my mission that Ollie + Squish was an environmentally conscious brand. I’ve made the conscious effort to use 100% recycled/recyclable materials for packaging, in addition to starting a Buy-Back Program, where outgrown clothing ends up in a new happy home, not a landfill.

I’m often awake late at night, long after the boys have gone to bed, constantly thinking of new designs and patterns, and ways to be the best I can be environmentally. I hope you find joy in the clothing as much as I find joy in making them.

Check back to this space often, where I will share tips and advice for parents such as… how to pack for a weekend away, how to measure children’s clothing and the benefits of swimming for your children. But fear not, there will also be posts for the littles too – like colorful maps to explore the city, fun recipes to try, and ways we can all do our part for the environment we so love to play in.


I am so happy to have you here.





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