Summer Essentials

Some of the best childhood memories involved piling into the car with the family and heading to the beach for a day of sand castle competitions, picnic lunches, and salty sea hair.

Now that we’re the adults, the sentiment is still the same, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite beach accessories and children’s toys to help kick off summer right.  

My older sister and I ready for our day at the beach.

Favorite Sand Toys: Quut

Quut Toys are created by a group of Belgian designers who wanted sand (and snow) toys for their children that were not only aesthetically beautiful but durable and well-crafted so they would last for years. This means no more broken bucket handles or flimsy shovels that get thrown away without a second thought.

These toys look like so much fun that you might have to give them a go yourself when your child isn’t looking!

We've shared the Scoppi Shovel, Ballo Bucket, and Alto Stackable Builders below.

Favorite Sand Toys

Favorite Sand Toys

Favorite Sand Toys

Favorite Umbrella: Land and Sand Essentials

This Australian-based brand creates beautiful beach umbrellas perfect for all your picnics, beach trips, and outdoor adventures.

Their designs are not only stylish but incredibly thoughtful too—the canopy is fade resistant and has the highest Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating of 50+ by the Australian Government classifying them in the UPF Excellent protection category.

Favorite Beach Umbrella


Best Sunscreens: A Helpful Guide

As you already know, sunburns are not only painful for little ones, but they can pose serious health risks. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) created a list of the best scoring sunscreens for kids based on safe ingredients and UVA/B protection. You can take a look at the list here and compare different types of sunscreens.

Some of the top-scoring sunscreens include Adorable Baby, 3rd Rock Sunblock, Badger Active, and Baby Bum but a total of 68 sunscreens made the list for the best score of “1” based on their rankings.

EWG also has great reminders about sun safety—namely, that sunscreen shouldn’t be the only protection considered when it comes to harmful rays.

Wearing swimwear with UPF protection as well as hats and sunglasses, playing outside in mornings and evenings, and seeking shade are all good reminders for staying healthy and cool this summer.

Sunscreen Guide

Favorite Beach Towel: The Beach People

Another Australian brand favorite, the Beach People have a whole line of wonderful textiles and accessories, but we love them for their gorgeous beach towels. They even have beautiful towel carriers that make toting around beach accessories a tad bit less stressful.

Favorite Beach Towel

What do your summer essentials look like? Share in the comments below your favorite go-to goodies for summer.

Need some beach reading materials? Check out of favorite non-parenting parenting mags, here!

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