Need to Size Up? Check out our Buy Back Program.

How do you keep up with children’s ever-changing sizes, take care of the planet, and save your wallet, all in one go? 

We’ve got the answer for you with our special Buy Back Program at Ollie + Squish.

Growing like weeds 

Have you ever had a rushed morning where you quickly throw the closest bit of clothing you can find on your child, only to realize much later (and usually in public) that their shirt has seemingly shrunken three sizes and their pants are so short that it looks like they are preparing for the Great Flood of 2018? 

Yeah, us too.

We know children grow like weeds, and we are here to help.

We created the Buy Back Program, which allows you to send in your gently worn clothing and swimwear when they no longer fit your little ones.

When it is time to size up, simply swap our your little one’s old swimsuit or knitwear for a bigger size in any new print or pattern for a fraction of the cost of a new item. In return, we will send you $10 off a future purchase.

There’s absolutely no limit to how many times that you can size up. As they continue to grow, we’ll be right there to grow with them.

Rooting for Mother Earth 

Sizing wasn’t the only thing we had in mind when we created the Buy Back Program. 

Fast fashion is a trend that has become detrimental to our environment. When we think of pollution, we often visualize large ominous power plants, pumping out endless amounts of dark smoke, or raw sewage contaminating our beautiful streams and rivers.

In truth, the fashion industry has now become the second largest polluter in the world, second only to oil.



Fast-fashion is synonymous with disposable clothing. It’s the idea that there are 52 micro-seasons a year, which leads to massive amounts of cheaply-made clothing, accelerated carb emissions, and global warming. We talk more about it here.

To help counter this trend, all of our items are hand-sewn to order, nothing is mass produced, and we use 100% recycled/recyclable materials for packaging.

By sending back your gently worn items, the Buy Back program then allows us to keep clothing out of landfills and instead gives them a new happy home.

A little effort on everyone’s part makes a big difference in our world.

Money on the mind 


Between schooling and daycare, piano recitals and sports teams, raising a child is downright expensive, without even factoring in the cost of clothing.

With the Buy Back Program, those who have been eyeing Ollie + Squish clothing but were hesitant to purchase because of the cost can now purchase Pre-Loved clothing for almost half of the cost, without compromising any of the integrity our quality.

All our recycled items will be sanitized, professionally cleaned, and mended (if needed) then relisted in our Pre-Loved Section.

Onboard yet?

When you are ready to size up your knits or swimwear, head over to our “Buy Back Program” tab listed on our website. Tap the green recycle tag at the bottom of our page to request a Pre-Posted Buy Back Mailer at no cost to you.

Pop in the too-small items and send them back our way. Once we receive your package, we will email you a $10 code for your next purchase. You can read more about our guidelines here.


Just as our clothing is recyclable, so is this blog post! Click to share with your friends so more of us can play a role in helping Mother Earth.




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